Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Emotions: Confront the Lies, Conquer With Truth - Hopeful and Healing

Fear, rejection, bitterness, guilt, despair- what do you do when they come knocking on the door of your soul?

If you are in any way human, emotions can trip you up.  They are such unruly things – causing you to be up one minute, down the next. They can control our perception of the world, others, ourselves.  So how do we handle the seemingly constant barrage of feelings that at times can threaten to unhinge our ability to live abundantly.

Pastor Charles Stanley’s latest book, Emotions: Confront the Lies, Conquer with Truth, delves into the world of negative emotions with Stanley’s well-known mix of Biblical advice and wisdom achieved through personal experience.

It’s typical Stanley – solid, spiritual, and hopeful.  Each chapter tackles a debilitating emotion with an understanding of what the emotion does to us and how God wants us to overcome the effects of the emotion and live a life that honors Him.

Each chapter ends with a series of questions intended for personal reflection or group study – if you are so inclined to unearth your emotions in a small group.

Emotions Confront the Lies, Conquer with Truth can, indeed, be helpful in wrestling those inner-demons into submission.  It’s tried and true Stanley – level-headed and calming, like advice from a trusted friend. 

If you have been a follower of Christ for any length of time, there probably won’t be any major revelations.  But for a new-believer trying to sort through baggage, Emotions could have the answers for healing.