Saturday, April 14, 2012

The World In Your Lunch Box - A Tasty Trip Through History

Getting complaints from your eight year old about his lunch?   Is he tired of the same old ham and cheese sandwich with an apple on the side?  Maybe the answer to his lunchtime tedium isn’t a new menu.  Maybe it’s a new perspective.

Colorfully and amusingly illustrated, The World In Your Lunch Box, written by Claire Eamer and illustrated by Sa Boothroyd, is packed with fun food facts that will not only entertain but educate.  What’s the origin of the sandwich?  Mustard? Apples? Ice cream?  This book answers all those questions and many more. 

Sectioned into a week’s worth of lunches, Eamer analyzes every item on the menu. She takes us through history to explore the origins of food in a kid-friendly way, each chapter stuffed with trivia, puns, and silly jokes.  She also serves up healthy doses of food science along the way.  (Ever wonder about how yeast works or the magic behind mayonnaise?)

The World In Your Lunch Box makes history and science intriguing and relevant to the elementary age cafeteria crew.  In fact, it is a fascinating and enjoyable read no matter what age lunch table you may find yourself at.

The World In Your Lunch Box is both a feast for the eyes and the intellect. It’s a tasty trip through history your kids will eat up.

Courtesy copy from Annick Press through Net Galley.


  1. Hungry for Ham and Cheese now! And YES, my guys dislike the same old thing on the lunch menu at school. What's worse is when I make the same thing for supper that they had earlier at lunch. This sounds like a "fun" read!

  2. Dawn, I remember having the same thing for dinner that I had at lunch when I was a kid. But Mom made everything so much better!! This is a super fun book. I really enjoyed it!

  3. Hey Kathy! Just found your blog! Newest follower! I'm an avid reader and book collector (aren't all homeschoolers!?) Anyway, I'm excited to read your opinion on the various books you read. I almost always read the reviews before I purchase a book. I'll miss not having you guys at co-op next year, but I've been told by many that homeschooling the high school years takes a much larger time commitment and more focus on the academic courses! Gotta get geared up and prepared for those college applications! Oh, and I can totally see how Josiah would enjoy a unit study on this book! He was a joy to have in my cooking class last year!!!! Bless you!

  4. Thank you so much Amber! Welcome aboard. Josiah still talks about your class. We'll miss you all - but Josiah's heading into the big leagues soon so we will be gearing up next year! Hope this blog will help you on your reading selections. It's a joy to write it!