Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coming Home - Inspiring Finale to the Baxter Series

After the brouhaha over Karen Kingsbury’s last book, I was almost afraid to read Coming Home, but because of her overall track record, I gave it a go and was inspired.

Over the years, Kingsbury has built a Baxter dynasty, a family so authentic that readers have to remind themselves not to pray for the characters because they are not real.  Unfortunately, because so many readers are invested in these fictional lives, emotions flare when the novels don’t deliver. (Case in point: Loving).

But I will plead to those disappointed Karen fans not to abandon the Kingsbury ship.  She has more than redeemed herself with Coming Home.

John Baxter, patriarch of the clan, is turning 70, and the Baxter family is returning to the homestead for a surprise birthday party.  Each sibling is writing a letter to their father to be read at the party, reminiscing about the role he played in their lives.  But due to tragic circumstances, the celebration doesn’t happen as planned, and the Baxters are swept into yet another emotional maelstrom where each of them seek the One who calms the seas.

I will not give away the main plot line.  Just have your tissues ready.

Karen Kingsbury has written yet another poignant novel centering on the lives of everyday people who put their trust in Christ.  As the Baxters struggle with tragedy, we, through them, experience God’s faithfulness all over again. 

Coming Home is a moving, bittersweet, beautifully written finale to the Baxter series.  Having the Baxters together one last time was wonderful.  You won’t want to miss out on the reunion.

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