Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Ultimate Conversation- The Ultimate Prayer Primer

As the steam rises aromatically from my bowl of Spaghetti –Os, I clasp my hands together, bow my head and recite: “God is great. God is good.  Let us thank Him for this food.  Amen.”    I speak the prayer perfectly, or as perfectly as a lisping 4-year-old can. 

It was the first prayer I learned.  I later graduated to “please-bless-fill-in-the-blank” prayers as I knelt by my stuffed-animal-ladened bed.

As I got older my prayers became more sporadic – reserved for moments of pure panic, say, in the midst of a physic test I forgot to study for.

As I reached adulthood and began seeking Jesus in earnest, I realized there was so much more to prayer than recited graces and terror-induced supplications.

Taking my first baby steps in my Christian walk years ago, I could have used the gentle wisdom and Bible-based information found in Charles Stanley’s recent book, The Ultimate Conversation – Talking with God Through Prayer.
n it, Stanley offers his readers the ultimate primer on prayer.

What is prayer?  Who are you praying to? What might be hindering you in your prayer life?  Stanley covers the basics of an intimate conversation with God. What he comes back to again and again is simply this: God wants, more than anything, a deep relationship with his children, to connect with us in those moments of profound, extended prayer.

Sharing his personal experiences, Stanley makes spending time in prayer seem the most desirable experience on the planet.  Something to strive for.  Something to live for.

Over the decades, Charles Stanley has proven himself a steadfast bastion of Christian teaching and his book is a trustworthy explanation of all aspects of Biblically-based prayer.

But if I’ve given the impression that this is a new-believer’s book and it has no place on the shelf of a mature believer, I apologize.  The Ultimate Conversation is vintage Stanley, full of spiritual truth that will resound with all believers.  Stanley’s well-grounded writing on prayer does not disappoint.

Whether just beginning your spiritual journey or further along the path, The Ultimate Conversation will strengthen and revitalize your own conversation with God.

Free advanced reader copy of The Ultimate Conversation received from Howard Books in exchange for an honest review.

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