Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fight Your Way To A Better Marriage - Conflict Can Do Wonders For a Marriage

Conflict.  Every married couple experiences it. It can often end with slamming doors and sulking silence.  Marriage would be perfect if we could just get rid of the conflict. Right?

Not so, according to Dr. Greg Smalley author of the new book, Fight Your Way To a Better Marriage:  How Healthy Conflict Can Take You To Deeper Levels of Intimacy.

Conflict can be a good thing in a marriage when handled with understanding, and Smalley lays out the groundwork for approaching inevitable conflict between spouses.

Fight Your Way examines the dynamics of conflicts – how simple disagreements can spiral wildly out of control because our own heart issues, our tendency to listen to the enemies lies, and our unwillingness to step back and examine ourselves.

Smalley’s balanced, Biblical advice cuts through the confusion of cyclical conflict and gives a married couple a starting point to begin establishing a trusting, openhearted relationship. Smalley sees conflict, not as something to be avoided, but something to be walked through in order to draw closer to a spouse, to draw closer to God, and to examine issues in our own hearts that need dealt with.

Now it is true, there is nothing new under the sun, and, quite frankly, Fight Your Way To a Better Marriage really isn’t saying anything dramatically new.  But I found Smalley’s take on marital conflict easy to process, encouraging, and uncomplicated.  But I also found it spiritually well grounded; God taking center stage in the marriage journey.

As a bonus, Smalley’s writing style is humorous and engaging, balancing solid counseling advice with stories of conflict lifted from his own life.

Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage will definitely equip husbands and wives with insight to escape the bitter cycle of destructive contention and replace it with conflict-solving skills that will strengthen and deepen any marriage.

Courtesy copy of Fight Your Way To a Better Marriage obtained from Howard Books in exchange for an honest review.

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