Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Home Run - A Leadership Book That Hits It Out Of The Park

Being a Christian is supposed to be all about abundant life – a life overflowing with joy and peace, right? 

So why is it so many Christians find themselves banging their heads off the wall wondering when things are going to turn around.  Wondering when that life of abundance is going to kick in.   Are they not sincere enough, dedicated enough?

Pastor Kevin Myers was both dedicated to God and sincere in his faith, but yet he found himself knee deep in self-doubt and frustrated faith after trying to plant a church in Georgia.  He was ready throw in the towel. He was burned out and low on hope.

But according to Myers, during this time of trial, God was revealing to him a pattern of living that would turn his life and ministry around.

Home Run: Learn God’s Game Plan For Life and Leadership, co-written by Kevin Myers and John C. Maxwell, shares that revelation in a way most Americans can relate to – through the game of baseball.
Does a trot around the bases seem a little simplistic for a life-changing epiphany?  Not being a fan of the National Pastime, I was skeptical of the import of this metaphor.  But a couple pages into Home Run and I was ordering peanuts and Cracker Jack….metaphorically, of course.

As Myers struggled to plant a viable church in the suburbs of Atlanta, he had the opportunity to be mentored by John Maxwell, the preeminent authority on Leadership, highly respected in both the secular and Christian spheres. Throughout Home Run, Maxwell offers his insights on Myers offerings, relating stories from his own experiences, which give credence to Myers’ observations.

Myers offers his readers a realistic game plan for life involving running the bases.  Starting with Connection With God at home base, Myers presents a succession of life commitments (Character, Community, and Competence) represented by first, second, and third bases.  His contention? We mess up our lives by running the bases in the wrong order.

Home Run has the potential of helping many overcome slumps in whatever inning of life they find themselves.  Myers has a winner here.

Home Run is an enjoyable read packed with scripturally founded advice.  Myers’ theory of base running is simple – without being simplistic.  And with sidebar contributions from heavy hitter Maxwell, Home Run puts it over the wall.

Home Run was received courtesy of FaithWords in exchange for an honest review.

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