Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Feast for Thieves - A Tasty Read

Rowdy Slater always seems to find himself in trouble. Coming home after World War II, Rowdy, the man considered the most incorrigible soldier in Dog Company, has bounced around the country and hasn’t been able to pull his life together. But when he nearly dies after robbing a bank, Rowdy decides to return the money to the Sheriff of the Texas town of Cut Eye.

Rowdy showing up in Sheriff Barker’s office with a sack full of loot creates some problems for the no-nonsense lawman, so Barker decides to make Rowdy a deal - sign on as Cut Eye’s new preacher for one year or go to jail.

Perplexed but eager to avoid prison, Rowdy takes the offer, not realizing what that year behind the pulpit would get him into.

Watching Rowdy interact with the quirky sinners of this backwater town as he struggles with his own spiritual awakening is amusing as well as poignant.  We find ourselves rooting for our protagonist to turn his life around, but it isn’t long before his past shows up threatening to steal away his new life.

Author Marcus Brotherton is no stranger to the written word, having penned, We Who Are Alive and Remain, the nonfiction New York Times bestseller about the World War II combat veterans known as the Band of Brothers.  Feast for Thieves is his first foray into the world of fiction.

Feast for Thieves delves into what redemption looks like in the lives of imperfect humanity.  Brotherton’s Cut Eye, at first glance, is a sleepy town, but underneath its languid appearance it is a community populated with hurting people looking for hope.

Marcus Brotherton’s novel is a delight.  The citizens of Cut Eye, Texas are eccentric but loveable, and Rowdy Slater, the ne’er do well with a tender heart, is someone you want to see take advantage of his unexpected second chance.

Feast for Thieves is a tale that tugs at the soul and lifts the heart. If you’re looking for a book to encourage your spirit and make you smile, this feast will fill you up.

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