Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 13th Tribe: Top-Notch Thriller

At the foot of Mount Sinai the children of Israel made a big mistake. It’s true Moses had been gone 40 days after he headed up the mountain of God, but an all out rebellion culminating in the unbridled worship of a golden calf was unforgiveable. God’s justice was swift, and according to the newest novel by author Robert Liparulo, it resulted in the creation of a “13th Tribe,” a band of immortals banished from the presence of God for their sin at Sinai. Living throughout the millenniums, they form a vigilante posse determined to win God’s favor back by bumping off evil villains throughout the ages.
Present day Mount Sinai is where mere mortal Jagger Baird, former Army Ranger and executive bodyguard, now finds himself. A glorified security guard for an archeological dig, he’s moved his family to this “God forsaken” land to try to heal, both physically and emotionally from a traumatic event which cost him his best friend, his best friend’s family, and his arm. Angry with God and struggling with the concept of divine justice, Jagger longs for peace – but when the Tribe invades the sanctity of St. Catherine’s monastery at the base of Sinai in an unholy fire fight, Jagger’s plan to get his life together literally goes up in smoke. With his wife and young son in danger at the hands of the Tribe, Jagger goes on a quest to save them, and to save the world from a terroristic plot designed by the 13th tribe to prove to the Almighty that they have earned his forgiveness.
Liparulo, as always, knows how to pack a punch, and in The 13th Tribe there’s no lag time in this tale of vigilante justice, supernatural-style. The Tribe, decked out in the latest stealth tech., doesn’t hold back on its pursuit to rid humanity of moral undesirables; and Jagger is a tough yet spiritually wounded hero struggling with the question of where is God when tragedy strikes.
The 13th Tribe is a definite page turner with a worldwide scope. From the deserts of Egypt, to the catacombs of France, to the shores of North America, Liparulo delivers another fever-pitched suspense novel that doesn’t disappoint.
But the most impressive aspect of his newest novel is its spiritual depth. It challenges concepts of justice, mercy, redemption, and forgiveness. In the midst of explosions, knife fights, and doomsday plots, Liparulo makes you stop and examine yourself.
With its high-octane intensity and thought provoking spiritual overtones, The 13th Tribe, the first in The Immortal Files, in my opinion, is the best Robert Liparulo novel to date.

(Courtesy copy of The 13th Tribe provided by Thomas Nelson through Netgalley)
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  1. I love the idea of this blog! This book sounds very interesting! I'm looking forward to reading more!

    Did you read The Hunger Games? That one would make for an interesting review.

  2. Thank you, Lauren. Yes I read The Hunger Games. Absolutely renewed my faith in YA fiction. Can't wait to see the movie!

  3. Reading this makes me want to get the book now!!! Love the blog as well, keep it up!! I'm a Follower!!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Dee!!! Appreciate your feedback!