Saturday, February 11, 2012

Halflings Delivers Heavenly Heroes

Nikki Youngblood is one happenin’ chick.  At 17 her ride is a Kawasaski Ninja 600. She’s a martial artist and an artist just beginning to be recognized for her talent.   She’s beautiful and just a bit awkward around guys.  It’s true Nikki’s very down to earth – but heaven and hell have taken notice of her.
 Heather Burch’s book Halflings opens with Nikki being chased by hell hounds bent on taking her down.  But three hunky heavenly heroes fly to her rescue.  Thus begins a harrowing otherworldly adventure for Nikki and her Halfling bodyguards Raven, Mace, and Vine.
Burch’s concept for Halflings is taken from Genesis 6 where the “sons of God” saw the “daughters of men” were beautiful.  In Burch’s world Halflings are descendants of the “marriage” of demons and man:  half fallen angel/half man.  Unfortunately for Nikki’s Halfling friends, they don’t belong in heaven or in the human realm, but are destined to fight for The Throne because God is worthy – even if they themselves are beyond redemption.
Nikki deals with Heaven, Hell, and high school with equal amounts of breathless, starry-eyed romance and throttle turning, butt-kicking action.  Her hot-wings love interests:  bad-boy Raven and vulnerable Mace- will make young teenage girls everywhere wish they were her.
That being said Nikki’s budding romances are nothing but chaste and seemingly hopeless.  Halflings and humans just can’t mix.
In Halflings Burch is obviously laying the groundwork for the two remaining books of the trilogy to follow.  Toward the end of the book the action seemed tighter and the plot pace picked up considerably.   It definitely leaves you with a sense of anticipation.
Halflings is certainly a good alternative to the emo-teen romance fiction out there. Peopled with characters who desire to serve the light even when darkness is closing in, Burch’s first novel promises to captivate its audience with a wing and a prayer.

(Courtesy copy of Halflings provided by Zondervan)


  1. This one sounds very good too!!!

  2. I met the author at the writer's conference I attended last summer. She had just been signed by Zondervan. Very excited for her.